Making the Most out of Newborn Photography in Calgary

Newborn photography comes with so many surprises, especially if you’re a parent for the very first time. Of course, every photographer has a different way or style of photographing.

Here are a few useful tips discussed below to learn more about newborn photography in Calgary:

Newborn Photography Calgary

Posed or Lifestyle – Choosing the Better Type

Generally, there are two types of newborn photography – posed and lifestyle. Both are good for different reasons. However, you should know what type you intend to do so that there are no surprises during or after the session.

Posed Session –

Typically, posed session should be done within the first two weeks of the birth. Actually, it’s the time when your baby remains sleepy and moldable. The main focus is on the photos of the baby looking perfect, usually in wraps, hats, and blankets.

This session can take up to four hours with feeding, posing, and other breaks. This session can take quite a bit of time as every image should be looked at individually for a polished end result.

Calgary Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle Session –

It’s a more casual approach to newborn photography. The main intention of your Calgary newborn photographer is to capture more natural images of the baby.

These sessions can be done on 6 weeks old babies an can take around 1-2 hours. This type captures the wonder and amazement between the family members. Newborns are precious but so is the love in the air. Memories of this time often become fuzzy for new parents and this is why lifestyle sessions are important.

Calgary Newborn Photographer

Understand Your Needs –

The perfect way to have a successful newborn session is to ensure you know what to expect and how to prepare for the session. Your Calgary newborn photographer will provide suggestions beforehand to get both mommy and daddy prepared.

Let the Baby Inspire You –

You’ll find inspirations everywhere – even in the form of Pinterest emails. It’s a great idea to have some specific poses in your mind before your photographer arrives.

Just like allowing the love story of a wedding day unfolds naturally, most photographers strongly believe that the best images are unplanned and inspired by the uniqueness of every baby.

Whether it’s the cute dimples, full lips, big beautiful eyes, or a head with amazing hair, your photographer will try to highlight the beauty of the baby.

Calgary Newborn Photographer

Immerse in the Moment.

Let your baby move, yawn, and stretch while photographing. Babies are sweet, wonderful, perfect movements. Don’t take stress over having the perfect pose in every frame.

Bringing a new life into your world is one of the most amazing and wonderful moments to treasure forever. Try to capture all these special moments with your professional Calgary newborn photographer.

Calgary Newborn Photographer

Conclusion –

The newborn days are so precious and so fleeting. Hire one of the award-winning photography studios – Diana Picek Photography and capture all these sweet details of your babies, while they are still little.

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