Know What To Wear During A Maternity Photo Shoot?

You can ask any woman how tough it is for them when it comes to decidingwhat to wear on a normal day. Things become even more confusing and stressful when a woman is pregnant and full of crazy hormones running all through her body. Maternity portraits are the most beautiful pictures that you will ever take & having the ideal outfit is absolutely crucial to make your images look stunning. We talk to a reputed Calgary Alberta maternity photographer about what to wear during a pregnancy photo shoot. Let’s find out what she has to say. 


The Maxi Dress: 

There’re so many cool reasons why you should wear a maxi dress during a pregnancy photo session. For one, it is unbelievably comfortable! Comfort is the key when you’re pregnant, and when you’ve to take maternity portraits for hours, you want to have the best comfort. A maxi dress also looks fabulous on a pregnant body since it is unbelievably pleasing to the eye. It hides anything you don’t want to show; at the same time, a maxi dress can be pulled against the tummy to showcase your lovable baby bump. Furthermore, the flowing textile of a maxi dress looks great in the wind & produces so many movements in a still portrait. You surely cannot go wrong, putting on a maxi dress for your pregnancy photo session. 


A Belt is a Must:

Put on a belt to highlight that adorable baby bump. You should put the belt just underneath your chest right where the top of your tummy starts. It’ll pull over any slack clothing & forms a waistline that accentuates your abdomen. Moreover, a belt is a great addition to any maternity dress, whether it is free-flowing or tight fitting.


Focus on solid colors:

Since your baby bump is going to be the prime focus of your pregnancy shoot, don’t allow anything that may take away attention, like a print or pattern. To make your bump stand out from the rest of your body, consider wearing solid colors. For incorporating patterns into your photo shoot, ask your hubby to put on a patterned shirt as a substitute. If you’re not keen to add soil colors, then add some bright, fun and bold accessories such as scarves and necklaces. 


Textured outfits are a great option as well:

Add more dimension to your maternity photos by wearing an outfit that has texture to it. You can simply match up a thick knit sweater with a denim jean; wear an embroidered top or a lace dress. Either way, the texture in your outfits will build up more interest, hence making your images look more natural and beautiful. In fact, it is a superb alternative to a pattern or print.


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